MCN Fusion is here!

Phone service and Internet as fast as it will go at your distance form the Central Office of the phone company.

Not VOIP – traditional phone line service.  So when the power goes out your phone will still work,  and if you can power your modem you will still be on the Internet in most cases.

Starting at 49.95 + Taxes and fees for residential,  it is in many cases cheaper than paying for phone and Internet separately.

If you would like more information, please go to or call us here at MCN !  707-937-1444 to get you fusion today.

We also offer business customers a reasonable price point. Using the Fusion service business customers do not pay penny per minuet charges on local,  toll or long distance calls.

Residential or business customers can get the bonded service for 2 times the speed of one line.

So , do not delay call MCN today!


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