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posted by snowdrifters on Feb 25

The play day is going to be on 3/6/10. We want a sunny day for the kids so the bad weather date will be the next Saturday. Check this log for a update or call Debbie at Haskins for the latest news (293-9667). Remember the lunch is free to anyone so bring some friends for a good time.The groomer went to Four Trees yesterday in about 1 foot of new plus a little rain late in the shift. It went home via the cutoff road and is heading down Big Creek today. JWG

posted by snowdrifters on Feb 23

Its snowing again, we have gotten about 1 foot the last few days. The groomer is up and going. The basin was done yesterday and is planning on going to four trees tomorrow. We have a few new groomers in training so becareful of the oops. They are doing a very good job for just starting out. Next week we are going to try and help the parking mess by Walker Plains. The rail road really fouled up the back road ..JWG

posted by snowdrifters on Feb 10

The groomer has been to Four Trees and Mill Creek. We had 4 to 5 inches of new snow this week and it is very heavy. lj

posted by snowdrifters on Feb 4

We groomed Big Creek yesterday. The snow was very heavy so it did not cooperate very well. Its very rideable but a little rough. We are working the basin today, its snowing now so it should groom up nice. Hope we see you saturday. jg

posted by snowdrifters on Feb 2

The trail to the top of Merimac on the back road has been groomed. Tomorrow they anticipate going to Big Creek parking lot. It has snowed on and off lightly most of the day. The trails should be great for the week end just be careful of the downed trees.

posted by snowdrifters on Feb 2

The groomer operators finished the Forebay Loop. As with the first half it was loaded with downed trees. They plan to head toward Four Trees next. LJ

posted by snowdrifters on Feb 1

The groomer is up and running. It ran most of day but only groomed half of Grizzly Forebay due to the fallen trees. The trees have unloaded their heavy load so maybe they will stop falling and the grooming will progress at a faster rate. LJ