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posted by snowdrifters on Jan 29

Mark down February 6, the date for the Snowdrifters Poker Run. It goes as scheduled, with registration and lunch at the Groomer Shed, which will be clearly marked. As I write this I do not know anything about an after ride party, so I suggest you come for the Poker Run, and be prepared to go with the flow.

The groomer has been down with mechanical problems for a few days, but there is a target to get it running this weekend. From there, it will run pretty much constantly, as we get the trails perfect for the ride.

Right now, the basin roads are all in pretty fair shape, and will get better soon. Remember to look out for trees down, as there are literally, hundreds of them that went down last week.


posted by snowdrifters on Jan 22

Yesterday trees just kept coming down. We have to remove at least two dozen off the trails. The trees are full of snow and ice and can’t support the weight so down they come. If you plan on coming up bring a shovel and saw. Several cabins have been hit. Mike Price was very lucky, a large trees just missed his by inches. We are getting around but still have to remove more trees. Power still out this morning, and we don’t expect it to be on soon. A lot of services are torn loose off the cabins, so don’t expect the power to your cabin to be on even when the power is restored. The groomer is headed for Big Creek today. The upper lot is a mess, all you can see is the antennas of the cars up there. the county said they would come back today. Butte county has the road plowed to Junction House.

posted by snowdrifters on Jan 20

Sad day today, we lost Bucks Lake Lodge to fire. The groomer spent much of the day clearing trees from the trails. The trees seem to be falling like match sticks. Countryman has 6 ft of powder; there was at least 5 or 6 ft at the dam. The groomers don’t anticipate going toward Four Trees until the week end. They are trying to maintain the basin, Big Creek, and the Summit.lj

posted by snowdrifters on Jan 19

The groomer plowed the basin and removed some trees. Riders came in from Oroville and parked below Walker plains. They commented that the snow was very heavy. It snowed all night but this snow seems lighter. Be careful this snow/wind seems to be taking out the tops of trees.

posted by snowdrifters on Jan 17

I have 15 inches in countryman and it is snowing heavy as in Sierra cement. The groomer will be busy this week. If you plan to come up I would suggest using Big Creek parking lot; you may want to check with Public Works to see if they plan to plow to the summit. Check back tomorrow for an update. lj

posted by snowdrifters on Jan 7

Still having cars coming in from Oroville and the road closed sign was stolen. USFS is going to replace it soon so we can enforce the road closure order. Be careful of ruts around the Four Trees area. Think snow..

posted by snowdrifters on Jan 7

Did the forebay loop today. Cut all the trees out but not enough snow to ride. Wait for more snow before taking this route.

posted by snowdrifters on Jan 7

Groomed letterbox loop and granite basin to coldwater loop. Snow a little thin around coquette creek but rideable.

posted by snowdrifters on Jan 1

The groomer went to Ararat and the summit yesterday; however it rained/snowed most of the day. It was mostly rain and took away the powder. Boo. Don’t forget the meeting on Sat. lj