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posted by snowdrifters on Feb 11

I just got a note from our head groomer about the conditions at Bucks Lake please be advised of the following A lot of the county culverts have plugged and water is running across the road eroding the snow away. We had to dig down to the pavement for a safe crossing. In doing so we created large dips. The gutters are open creating open ditches sometimes six to eight feet deep with straight up side walls. Overall our roads are not the best. I have been putting berms in some places but cannot get to all the bad places but we are trying. Please ride safe and be very careful.

posted by snowdrifters on Jan 18


Due to the lack of snow the rally is being rescheduled to March 1, 2014. We might have snow by then. JWG







posted by snowdrifters on Feb 27

Our playday is next Saturday. It is free to everyone, you do not have to be a member to enjoy a great hamburger and fries.
We will be set up by the firehouse intersection. Lunch will be served around 1 o’clock. JWG

posted by snowdrifters on Feb 8

We got from 4-9 inches of fresh powder yesterday. Fun to be had on the mountain JWG

posted by snowdrifters on Feb 7

The poker run was a great success. The weather, trails and meal was as good as it gets. The road out to the summit was a little rough on Sunday but we groomed it twice in the AM and PM. All the trails have been regroomed and is snowing today. Will be great riding this weekend. We have been getting very dry snow this year. If you like to ride i powder this is the place. Hope to see a lot of sleds this week.JWG

posted by snowdrifters on Dec 31

Happy New Year! The sun is out and the snow is fine. The trails are a little rough around the lodges.

posted by snowdrifters on Mar 14

We got some good snow bu then it rained. Countrymens got mostly snow but the Lake gor rain. The road by the firehouse is a lake 6-10 inches deep. The road coming in is not worth riding, water everywhere. My advise is to stay home until we get better conditions or bring your wave runner. This is almost a Franklin storm, where she died could happen now, it is about 3 feet in that gutter. The rain water jist cannot get through the snow to the culverts and off the road. JWG

posted by snowdrifters on Feb 23

Due to the lack of snow the county is going to open the road from the summit to the Firehouse on Friday ,2/24/2012. Never seen this before. Going towards Countrymens there is plenty of snow as usual. There is quite alot of pavement showing going towaards the kiosk and the hill towards the dam is 50% pavement then mostly snow until westend cove. I have about 20% pavement showing and 50% about 2-3 inches deep the rest 3-12  inches deep and going fast. Several rigs came in from Oroville last weekend . JWG

posted by snowdrifters on Feb 13

We got from 4 to 10 inches today. Some pavement still snowing /. Not enough to groom JWG

posted by snowdrifters on Apr 25

The grooming season is almost over. We are almost out of fuel for the groomer. If we are careful we have maybe three more days worth. We have logged 494 hours of cat time this year, our biggest year ever. The county is going to start plowing in on Monday the 2nd. We will groom the cutoff road this weekend . It wil bel the only way in until they get to the firehouse. My best guess it will take about two weeks, they work 4 days a week but ten hours a day. Remember they more we stay out of there way the more they can get done. I will keep this sight as current as I can on their progress.  Thr snow is still very deep on the road. At least 5-6 feet at the TEE and 8 plus on Big Creek Road. Will post some photos on my facebook page if you are interested.JWG