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posted by snowdrifters on Jan 19

The snow looks and acts like its April. There  alot of deep gutters along the trails, so be very careful when riding. I have personally help pull four sleds out of very deep ditches. No one hurt  to bad yet. We have filled all we can but some of them will show up again. The gutters and streams are running very full and the warm water melts the snow around the flowing water. All the trails have been groomed at least twice. We had a large crowd this weekend, the parking lot was stuffed to overflowing. If you have rigs with no trailers please try to double up on these weekends it should help. The county is going to tow those rigs that are not moved within a reasonable time after a storm so they can clean up the parking lot. Remember the road off the summit can be very slick when there is snow on the pavement. Use some common sense and use your chains. The large enclosed trailers need them also, it won’t stay behind you on the large switch back near Tollgate. Some thought they knew more than the rest of us , they didn’t make it to Tollgate and blocked the road for the rest of us for two hours while the county and a tow truck cleaned up the mess. JWG