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posted by snowdrifters on Apr 29

We got about a foot today and the county got the B&B. The groomer went to the highlands and the Dam and to the Cow Camp for fuel. It will be parked at the firehouse so we can go what ever way they do not go. the snow is still very rideable so come up and enjoy the warm sleding. JWG

posted by snowdrifters on Apr 14

It’s raining/snowing today. Obviously the snow is yucky. The groomer went to Four Trees yesterday and continues to work on the basin. Word from the county is that they will start to plow on the 26th from the summit to the firehouse. The season is almost over.lj

posted by snowdrifters on Apr 6

The groomer continues to run to try and cope with the 3 to 4 feet of powder. The basin and four trees are done. Tomorrow they plan to go to Big Creek and perhaps Ararat on Friday. Be careful it is spring snow and doesn’t set. lj