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posted by snowdrifters on Mar 29

Today was the first day in weeks that it did not snow. We have anywhere from 8 to 18 feet of snow on the  ground. The groomer made it to the Dam today we are planning to do Big Creek tomorrow. JWG

posted by snowdrifters on Mar 23

I AM SORRY BUT WE CANNOT KEEP AHEAD OF THE SNOW FALL. I am not grooming just track packing. The summit to my house and countrymans is all I can keep open. The weather servjce says we have SEVEN more FEET COMING IN THR NEXT TWO DAYS. Use your own judgement if you plan on coming up. Call the county to see if the road is plowed, because they are going very busy keeping Quincy open. I cannot keep ahead of the Big Creek Road.  JWG

posted by snowdrifters on Mar 20

This storm has blessed us with five to seven FEET of the lovely white stuff. As you can guess we have been busy trying to keep our heads above it. I made it to Big Creek parking lot yesterday. Will try towards Oroville early next week. I would guess the powder out that way at 5-6 feet. You powder rats would have a ball and help me if you care to try it. This is the deepest snow I have seen here in years. Mel nhas 13 feet on his snow pole. Another couple feet and he has to put more numbers on it. JWG

posted by snowdrifters on Mar 10

We are grooming the back country at last. Hartman Bar and Mtn. Aratt are opened up as of today. We have had rain and snow today. Hope to see everyone on saturday. Free lunch to anyone that shows up. Remember to tip the cooks very well.  JWG

posted by snowdrifters on Mar 4

We are finally catching up on the groomer. We have not been able to get into the back country, snow would come half way up  the windshield. The snow is deep, about eigth feet at the Haskins Tee. The infomation sign at fire house is a bump in the meadow.  We have a friend who tried go through a three foot tree on Bald Eagle. Guess what the tree won. Still trying to figure out how to get the pieces off the mountain.   JWG