posted by snowdrifters on Jan 22

Yesterday trees just kept coming down. We have to remove at least two dozen off the trails. The trees are full of snow and ice and can’t support the weight so down they come. If you plan on coming up bring a shovel and saw. Several cabins have been hit. Mike Price was very lucky, a large trees just missed his by inches. We are getting around but still have to remove more trees. Power still out this morning, and we don’t expect it to be on soon. A lot of services are torn loose off the cabins, so don’t expect the power to your cabin to be on even when the power is restored. The groomer is headed for Big Creek today. The upper lot is a mess, all you can see is the antennas of the cars up there. the county said they would come back today. Butte county has the road plowed to Junction House.

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