posted by snowdrifters on Nov 21

11-21-10   We got a lot of snow the last few days. As of now I think we are snowed in for the season. The county has the road plowed to the summit. As of now I advise only experinced riders attempt to come and no snowmobile sleds until the road gets packed. We have from 2-4 feet of powder.  There is no bottom to it and the groomer is not up and going because the state told us to hold off grooming until they give us the O.K, could be as long as 2-3 weeks. We have more coming in today. A Thanksgiving dinner up here does not very likely, no way to get to the Highlands. Keep checking I will try to keep this current, Lakeshore will be closed from 11-23 until around Dec 1st Haskins until Dec10 JWG

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