posted by snowdrifters on Apr 8

The power IS NOT going to be turned off this weekend. The power lines are not buried in the snow like you may have heard but low to the ground. A lot of service wires are under the snow or torn off the cabins. If your weather head is damaged PG&E will not repair the damage other wise they are fixing the lines to the cabins if they see it. Going up Mill Creek today with the cat. We  went to Lookout Rock yesterday and down Pea Creek and out Willow Creek. We did not do Ararat because of low fuel. We had to do a lot of road building. Looking down ten feet you could see where the trees are trimmed for the real road. There is way over twenty feet of snow out there. Got a couple inches of snow yesterday in the valley and about six where we were.It will be very nice this weekend. We are running low on diesel at the shed so we will have to be cutting back on grooming so please be easy on the trails in the basin. JWG

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