posted by snowdrifters on Jan 19

The snow looks and acts like its April. There  alot of deep gutters along the trails, so be very careful when riding. I have personally help pull four sleds out of very deep ditches. No one hurt  to bad yet. We have filled all we can but some of them will show up again. The gutters and streams are running very full and the warm water melts the snow around the flowing water. All the trails have been groomed at least twice. We had a large crowd this weekend, the parking lot was stuffed to overflowing. If you have rigs with no trailers please try to double up on these weekends it should help. The county is going to tow those rigs that are not moved within a reasonable time after a storm so they can clean up the parking lot. Remember the road off the summit can be very slick when there is snow on the pavement. Use some common sense and use your chains. The large enclosed trailers need them also, it won’t stay behind you on the large switch back near Tollgate. Some thought they knew more than the rest of us , they didn’t make it to Tollgate and blocked the road for the rest of us for two hours while the county and a tow truck cleaned up the mess. JWG

posted by snowdrifters on Dec 31

Its nice and cool this morning 6 to 8 degrees this morning. All the basin is grommed. We did 4 trees and Big Creek yesterday and the cutoff road. We will start grooming the back country on Monday. Stay tuned for the latest grooming report. JWG

posted by snowdrifters on Dec 21

We finally got the OK to start grooming. Price and Pearson are going to try get Big Creek, Four Trees , Highlands (if we can get up there) as well as the basin this week. We are going to be off the weekend starting again on Monday on some of the back country trails. We should be caught up by New Years by doing double shifts.   J

posted by snowdrifters on Dec 8

There is going to be a meeting of the BLSD at 10:00 on 1/1/11 at Lakeshore.  Change of plan. Maybe hangovers come into play. New time is 1:00 at Lakeshore J

posted by snowdrifters on Dec 8

We have received a lot of rain lately. Snow going down fast but still fair riding. We still can’t groom yet , waiting on the State to sign a EIR and some other paper work. We expect the go ahead word to come sometime in the next ten days. Its not just us its all the grooming the state  has control over. The groomer is serviced and ready to go s soon as we get the OK . I’ll let everyone know as soon as I get the email from Mr. Harper. J

posted by snowdrifters on Nov 23

If you come in bring snowshoes. You cannot get off a road that has not been traveled on unless you pack a trail to where you are going. My butt is still wet from trying to walk ” or crawl ” in this white stuff.  J

posted by snowdrifters on Nov 21

11-21-10   We got a lot of snow the last few days. As of now I think we are snowed in for the season. The county has the road plowed to the summit. As of now I advise only experinced riders attempt to come and no snowmobile sleds until the road gets packed. We have from 2-4 feet of powder.  There is no bottom to it and the groomer is not up and going because the state told us to hold off grooming until they give us the O.K, could be as long as 2-3 weeks. We have more coming in today. A Thanksgiving dinner up here does not very likely, no way to get to the Highlands. Keep checking I will try to keep this current, Lakeshore will be closed from 11-23 until around Dec 1st Haskins until Dec10 JWG

posted by snowdrifters on Apr 29

We got about a foot today and the county got the B&B. The groomer went to the highlands and the Dam and to the Cow Camp for fuel. It will be parked at the firehouse so we can go what ever way they do not go. the snow is still very rideable so come up and enjoy the warm sleding. JWG

posted by snowdrifters on Apr 14

It’s raining/snowing today. Obviously the snow is yucky. The groomer went to Four Trees yesterday and continues to work on the basin. Word from the county is that they will start to plow on the 26th from the summit to the firehouse. The season is almost over.lj

posted by snowdrifters on Apr 6

The groomer continues to run to try and cope with the 3 to 4 feet of powder. The basin and four trees are done. Tomorrow they plan to go to Big Creek and perhaps Ararat on Friday. Be careful it is spring snow and doesn’t set. lj